When You Don’t Forgive, It’s Because You Don’t Love.

Published On: April 7, 2022Categories: Blog603 words3 min read

Love is the fire that burns, cancels, and eliminates. In fact, love is needed in order to eliminate the ego. We cannot just invoke the Divine Mother and feel her, but rather we must love her during the practice of alchemy and outside of the alchemy.

In any case, love is death’s twin brother. True death is understood from the point of view of love. I am not speaking about emotional love, nor am I speaking about sexual love, I am speaking about what the Master calls conscious love.

To love is a total surrender to the Being, recognizing the misery that we are and the grandeur of the Being.

This is what puts us in a place of security and stability on the path. Each time we see ourselves lost, confused, we kneel, or we sit down to seek, not only to feel the Being but rather to love him. And the more we love him, the more we learn to forgive.

The secret of forgiveness is love. Love can do everything, forgive everything, withstand everything, overcome everything. Saint Paul says it in another way, that everything is there. In other words, without love you cannot do anything.

Saint Paul says: If we say to that mountain to go to the other side, that miracle makes no sense if there is no love. If we are going to be sacrificed in the fire, but we don’t feel love, that sacrifice is worthless. It doesn’t matter if we speak one thousand languages and we know all the languages and we have all the wisdom, but if we don’t have love, what use is it?
That is the conclusion Saint Paul came to and the conclusion that everyone reaches, which is all so simple: to love.

But we say that we must feel the Divine Mother. But I don’t feel her! Clearly, how are you going to feel her if you don’t love her? I think that she is loved and felt. It’s not that you feel her and love her, but rather one loves and feels her.

One loves the Being and feels him, but if it has to do with feeling him without loving, it’s a formula that doesn’t work. Feeling the Being has never worked for me. It has always worked when I love him. And I love him in giving thanks for all the things that I do and all the errors I commit, and he always leaves a door open for me in order to continue.

In other words, the Koan is not an intellectual question. It’s a question for the consciousness; and consciousness and love are the same thing, there is no difference.

I repeat, I am not speaking about sentimentalism, or sexual love but rather conscious love. To become conscious that love is something divine, it’s eternal forgiveness.

When you do not forgive, it’s because you don’t love. If you were to love, you would forgive. And we do not forgive, and neither are we forgiven, if we do not love.

And from that point you cannot say anything more. There is no lecture to teach how to love. That is something that pertains to the school of life, that is a need for each person. If someone wants to live all the rest of their reincarnations without love, that is their problem. If someone realizes that without love this existence and the ones to come make no sense, then one begins to find out what love is and will try to experience it.