Human Beings Cannot Bear So Much Truth

Published On: September 17, 2022Categories: Blog352 words1.8 min read

There is a problem in the human being: he cannot bear so much truth. Consequently, as the human being cannot bear so much truth, the mental system is placed in a safety zone.

The prophet or mystic has a problem, they want to know the truth. Since they want to know the truth, they are totally dissociated from society because society does not live in truth, it lives in a shadowy system of security. Consequently, the mystic is like a madman in society. No one understands him because, really, since society is crazy, it has to classify as crazy those who are seriously sane. But it is society that is mad, and it displaces madness onto the one who sees reality. I don’t know if you are following me?

If you see reality deeply, you are very marginal in society because society cannot bear so much reality since people need self-deception to go on living.

The problem of society is that it cannot reveal so many self-deceptions. Now, the mystic does, if he wants to contact the Divine. The mystic needs to remove the self- deception systems, at least his own. He can see them in society but the self- deceptions are the ones he has to get rid of, otherwise there is no way of connecting. So, the work is to remove the self-deceptions.

What is the root of self-deception? The mind. Why is the mind designed for the self- deception system? For survival. Consequently, the human mind makes me participate in all self-deceptions so as not to be left out of the system.

So, the mystic’s problem is that he can come to live a double life. He is so connected with the essence that it seems to him that the world is all lies; and it is lies. But he has to live in the world as if it were true. Therefore, the mystic’s life is very complicated because he has to live a lie that he knows is a lie, and he has to live a truth inside, which he cannot share with anyone.

Mario Sabán