To Love is The Most Delicious Thing

Published On: April 7, 2022Categories: Blog1009 words5 min read

I think it’s quite clear that we must depart from the consciousness, to depart from the Being, and to educate ourselves to feel the Being. And the best way to feel the Being is to love him, not as a person, not as an entity, but rather as the air that we breath, as the light that reaches me, as the blood, as the flesh, for everything that I have around me, for everything that penetrates me, for what is happening to me, for what has happened to me, for what will happen to me, because that is the contact of divinity with us.

Divinity is in all complex things and in all simple things. Why then do we need the figure of the Being before us to love him? Don’t we love our mother because she gave us milk from her bosom for us to live? Don’t we love our mother because she bathed us so many times when we were dirty? Don’t we love her because she helped us when we were sick? Or because she cares about us wherever we are? Because she is a special being? Or do we have to have her close to us to love her? Don’t the facts show that she is always present? But not only in the human aspect, but the Divine Mother, that is, the divine, spiritual aspect.

Why must we think about a little figure, an image, a religious card of the Virgin in order to love the Divine Mother? Isn’t she here present in everything that penetrates us? Isn’t it because of her that we are, live, and exist? Can’t we love that? Or why do we need an interview with her to love her, or a revelation, if she is being revealed at every moment? Why not love this moment, this present, this instant?

It’s not so difficult to love God, Ah! The mind does not allow it, the mind wants phenomenon, fireworks, an explosion, and that it appears, perfumes, miracles, when the moment itself is a miracle, life is a miracle, everything is a miracle. But we need spectacular miracles, the presence of an angel, and for it to materialize, and then we run away if an angel materializes, we flee terrified.

And the Divine Mother has so much beauty that if she were to present herself as she is, completely in her interior, we would not withstand such beauty, and such harmony, and such virtue. We would fall down dead.

So, she disguises herself in all forms possible and assumes the form of the grandma, the physical mother, she transforms herself into this and that in order to draw close to us and so that we don’t get frightened. Because we want to see her but when we see her, we get scared, because not only do negative things shock us, but also that which is beautiful and positive.

When you listen to the Ave Maria sung or played by an orchestra, in a beautiful symphony, you are filled with emotion, and you spend that moment enjoying that melody that makes you feel close to the Divine Mother, Mary, Tonantzin, Stella Maris. And we feel that intense emotion for that melody.

But those of us who have heard the Divine Mother say three or four words internally, it’s so sweet, it’s so beautiful! She has a voice like paradise. When she speaks it’s so delicious that you are amazed, even if she has only said one word: Robert! Rafael! John! Just hearing her say that, it’s nothing like the symphony.

Her elegant way of walking, with hair like a golden waterfall, with a straight nose, thin lips, a neck like an ivory tower, conical fingers, with a look of heaven, a voice of paradise, with a humility that’s so natural that we are not prepared for that. But we need to get into contact with that in order to develop the consciousness.

In other words, not only do you feel the Being, but that you love the Being. It seems like we are being short when we say we must feel the Being, we must be in the remembrance of the Being. And that even seems superficial to me. I feel that you should sit down somewhere or get comfortable in a chair or in bed and relax and call her, and by calling her to enter into ecstasy.

So, in order for the consciousness to enter into activity, we must love. It’s not a question of just feeling. I think that to feel is short. Or do you feel for the child you have, or do you love him? In the relationship that exists between a married couple, is it that I feel her, and she feels me, or do we love each other? What’s stronger, to love or to feel?

I feel that the highest level to feel the Being is to love him, and to be grateful to him and to venerate him for that. And to constantly apologize, to ask for forgiveness for the errors we commit, that we are always going to be forgiven. And by loving and loving, you continue forgetting, and canceling your memory, the memory that stays in the mind. By loving the Being, we combat the mind where the structure of the ego remains. The more we love the Being, the mind cannot intervene. It’s love that combats the mind.

Without love the mind has a free space to do what it wants, even if we don’t have ego. In other words, it’s dangerous to manage to have no ego and to remain identified with the mind. The Master has already said that the fall of the great masters is through the mind. He says it in The Three Mountains.

Therefore, to love is the most delicious thing, because it cleans the way, it purifies us, and removes the memory of the recollection of negative aspects.

Wise Person.