The Purity of the Divine Mother

Published On: April 21, 2022Categories: Blog841 words4.2 min read

The word “purity” on its own evokes everything authentic, unique, original, not mixed, not contaminated, immaculate, unstained, spotless; it is simply pure, pristine.In fact, there is a chakra that is named as such, “the pure one”, which is Vishudda or the fifth chakra.

When we, as human beings, contact the exterior world, the environment, people, we are in a continual interchange. We are a mixture of impressions and sensations, which crystalize in us in an impure way.

The pure nature of gold, the pure nature of a child, the pure nature of water, or the pure nature of a diamond, of Prana, powerfully attracts our attention. It is obvious that we belong to a nature that’s pure. We come from there and one day we must return there, uncontaminated.

The entire purpose of the Gnostic studies is to once again conquer that state of purity. In fact, the ego within us is an impure state. The mind that does not know how to identify with the Being is an impure mind, which is the same reason why our sentiments are impure, just as our blood is impure to the maximum due to our continual desires, and all of this invites us to reflect.We believe that it’s very difficult to be pure; something that is unreachable.

Thus we accept it and that is how we live, believing we cannot manage to change or to regenerate ourselves or to return to the original natural state. However, there is a part in each one of us that always remains pure. There is a part in us that is protected from the impurities of the environment or else we would have no hope for regeneration, we would be lost.

When we move away from that “pure” nature we lose happiness, and joy; we are not authentic, like counterfeit money. And as Master Samael says, what is false remains false. If money is not authentic, it is simply counterfeit money, which also makes our mind into a false mind, a false sentiment, false reactions, a false way of being and living, and a false identity to the maximum.

This is why we falsify everything we touch; we adulterate it, and that is to be impure.We have that pure spirit in the Divine Mother, which I reiterate is protected from the impurity of the environment, where the soul normally lives entangled, trapped in karma, surely to gain life experience, yet we must not be there forever. When we say pure spirit, we can also say Holy Spirit, because the Divine Mother is Holy Spirit, in the sense that her nature will always be pure.

When we think about the Divine Mother as Holy Spirit we comprehend that the masculine Holy Spirit surely has its feminine aspect in her. Certainly, Pistis Sophia is considered as the Holy Spirit within the Trinity of the Gnostic Master Valentinius and his Valentinians. When Pistis Sophia falls and loses wisdom, when Sophia loses Pistis, in other words, when she loses power, when she loses faith, she loses trust in her God, she loses grace and she falls into disgrace and becomes an impure spirit. And that is what the repentances of Pistis Sophia are for, which will allow her to once again return to the original point, the Thirteenth Aeon. Therefore, contaminated wisdom lost faith, and became ignorance. To repent is, therefore, to renew ourselves; to repent is to try to return to the pure nature we had.

And let’s not forget this: as extremely perverse as a person may be, as extremely impure as a soul maybe, she, the Divine Mother, will always take us into her loving arms in order to purify us.We believe that we cannot turn to her because as metals, minerals, vegetables, animals and as humans we have fallen so low.

Then, impure, we do not dare to invoke the purity that exists in her, thinking that we would never be welcomed into her bosom and the truth is something completely different. Pure nature, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother in her feminine form is always waiting for us to come to be pure again like her.Everything can begin with a thought about her. If we think about the Divine Mother, we have already begun to decontaminate ourselves.

Even better, if we love our Divine Mother and try to develop a noble sentiment towards her, we are purifying ourselves in our sentiments. She only waits for us to be able to extend that bridge towards her so that her pure nature can decontaminate our impure nature, so simply. She is located in the Muladhara Chakra, and if we want to purify ourselves we must concentrate on this energetic centre, visualizing her in our interior, and then with help from the breathing exercises that we all already know, and with the mantric syllables “HAM SAH”, we will produce the electricity and magnetism that is needed for her pure nature to reach us and to decontaminate us.

 – Wise Person