The Cross in the Gnostic Tradition

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“…The Gnostics, wise par excellence, know exactly the value of the Cross and worship it, not based in any belief, but in absolute and immediate knowledge.”

For the Gnostics, the Cross is in no way a conventional symbol, rather the representation of an invariable Law, which covers the whole gamut, all the deeds of Nature, without exception.

Whoever knows the fundamentals of chemistry knows that the reactions of the elements take place only when one is crossed with another. For example, the formula in chemistry for water is H20. It is simply the crossing of two hydrogen atoms with one of oxygen, resulting in water; then the precious fluid indispensable to organic life is the result of the Cross. The power to produce water lies in the Cross of Hydrogen with Oxygen.

Harmony in the movement of a system of worlds depends on the crucial magnetic point where the two forces, centrifugal and centripetal, are in equilibrium, Therefore, the power that sustains the worlds lies in the magnetic Cross of the spaces.

A masculine cell called spermatozoa crosses itself with a feminine cell called ovum; and from this Cross results the human being. As we see, man is the result of the Cross of the spermatozoa with the feminine ovum.

Nothing can come into existence without the power of the Cross.

A sincere handshake crosses and harmonizes the mutual friendly affection of two persons. Thus, the Cross in the handshake gives life to the affection between two souls.

A handsome young man passes a beautiful girl on the street. Their glances cross each other and from this prodigious Cross, subtle and impalpable but real in its magic power, affection is born. Love is born, a love that will organize a home and will produce effects of wonder such as the multiplication of the species, the grandeur of a country, and perhaps the appearance of a genius who will increase the progress of science or philosophy to make a better world. As we see, the magnetic Cross of a glance shows and demonstrates that the power lies in the Cross.

A seed is planted into the earth, and when its power is crossed with the chemical elements that constitute the structure of the planet, it produces trees, flowers, seeds, and fruits that increase, multiplying their species ad infinitum; hence the power lies in the Cross.

Without the Cross, nothing new exists. It would not be possible to transform the old, therefore the Gnostics, wise par excellence, know exactly the value of the Cross and worship it, not based in any belief, but in absolute and immediate knowledge.

The Gnostics are mystics of Truth, and desiring to know all things they leave no margin for superfluous things, every belief makes man atrophied, stupid, and unconscious; and from stupidity and unconsciousness, the daring and wicked take advantage in order to direct and rule the innocent masses who as lambs follow their chiefs and leaders, who are as stupid and unconscious as themselves.

The Cross is the reason of being of all the phenomena and events of Nature, and in this law there are no exemptions.

When someone expounds an idea about some philosophical, social, or scientific aspect, this idea crosses with the ones of those who are listening; thus, new reactions are produced that could be of help in finding the truth expressed by the speaker, or to reject his pretense of wisdom, if his knowledge is not well founded. Then in the crossing of ideas, intelligences are tested and truths discovered, eliminating that which is erroneous.

A look crosses with some being or object, and in this Cross knowledge about the being or the thing is obtained.

The protein substances of nourishment that we consume are crossed with our physiological cellular life and produce crucial reactions in order to renew the life of the used cell and create a new one.

If the substance does not agree with our organism, the biochemical Cross of the substance with the secretions of the inner specific organs, produces reactions in order to eliminate them from the organism.

The Cross encloses the mysteries of all powers imagined, whether they are physical, intellectual, or moral.

No one could philosophically, scientifically, and rationally find something that does not depend on the power of the Cross. Thus, once more, we can affirm emphatically that the power lies in the Cross, and that the natural and scientific Cross of the Gnostics has nothing to do with beliefs or instruments of torture of any kind.

The Cross of the Gnostics is the power of the Universe, building atoms, molecules, organs, organisms and systems of worlds.

In the intellectual aspect it is the Cross of ideas that produces new states of consciousness. In the moral and sensitive aspects, the Cross is the power that causes the marvelous sensations that ennobles and dignifies the soul.When musical melodies cross with the auditory capacity of the psycho-physical being of those who listen to them, they produce a beautiful emergence in the sensibility of the soul, thus inner harmonies result from that precious Cross of the sounds. When a glance crosses with the beauty of nature, like a flower or a beautiful woman, feelings of divine inspiration appear in the soul, uncovering in the consciousness the inner spring of perfection that lies in the harmony of the forms. When feeling and thought cross, the human being is not only in perfect harmony, but sufficiently capable of fulfilling with success the work which he has committed himself to accomplish.

“It is necessary to learn to think as a philosopher, and to feel as an artist,” because by reuniting in a precise crucial union the elevated thought of the philosopher and the divine sensibility of the artist, the magic enchantment of the soul of the true Superman emerges.

That Cross of thinking and feeling in perfect accordance and harmony is what permits the development of the mystical and spiritual side of existence.

Divine and Blessed Cross, in thy precious structure lies hidden all the mysteries of Nature and of Life!

Samael Aun Weor