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All of the nature that surrounds us is the result of many combinations of earth, water, air and fire. We are in contact with that natural world through the senses. Therefore, the impressions that come to us inevitably bring with them an impurity. We do not see things as they are; it is a substance that is a mixture of many things. This explains the nature of the ego within each one of us, that is to say, the impurity. Nevertheless, in the depths of each one of us, there is something that always remains pure, immaculate, that is found in the lower part of the vertebral column, in the Muladhara chakra. She sleeps there coiled up in the form of a serpent of fire, that which is always pure, uncontaminated, which does not get mixed up, which is a pure substance. It is the truly pure part within each one of us, which is related with the Essence, with what we have of the Golden embryo.

It would be enough for us to think about Her, for us to concentrate on Her, on the Divine Mother, and that purity comes to be transmitted to all the impure parts of each one of us, in the mind, in the heart and in the sexual energy.

When we think about Her, when we adore her, when we love her, She communicates with us, and we begin to feel, to perceive her purity. That is why it is so important to not forget Her. To meditate on Her is the only way to always find purity.

Purity that is related with the sexual energy. Purity that is related with the Spirit, therefore with the Holy Spirit. That is why it is called Spirit which is Holy, which is immaculate, which is not stained, unblemished, where Divine Grace remains.

It doesn’t matter how impure a human being may be. It doesn’t matter how many errors he may commit, how mistaken he may be and how much evil he may have caused to others; that purity always remains pure. That pure part is the hope of each one of us.

By meditating on the Divine Mother, we are calling to that purity. Purity which is love, purity which puts us in connection with the Law. For that reason, she is also related with karma. Purity which produces balance in the mind, in the heart, in the sex.

In the bosom of that purity something palpates, lives, that is yet more pure , her fruit, her son, the Christ. At the beginning we cannot work with the Christ, but by working with the Divine Mother, we keep preparing for the advent of that fire.

It is so important to understand this matter of the purity and to not seek external behaviors, to not get attached to moral codes, to foreign ideas, to strange doctrines, to useless disciplines, if everything is in Her, in the Divine Mother. She is our true code to follow. She is our upright thought, upright feeling, upright action, upright way of earning a living. She is the only way to find peace, she is the way to find love.

Unfortunately, we do not have the Christ incarnated, but we always have that purity with us. The Christ is not incarnated but the Divine Mother is our guide in this process. One thought about Her, one yearning is enough and that contact is produced.

We shouldn’t put too much importance on the form of the Divine Mother, neither is a unique image necessary. Be what it may, the Divine Mother is in everything. She is the Mother of the cosmos, the root of love, present in the trunk, bud, leaf, flower and seed of everything. She is outside of and within the cosmos. She is the air that we breathe, where we move, live and exist, like the fish within the water, or like the bird in the atmosphere, without us being conscious that we navigate in Her. She has terrible powers over us that are incomprehensible for us.

And if we, for example, do not purify ourselves towards the cosmos in the part above, She will purify us in the cosmos in the part below. Always, always, because of love towards us who are Essences, unfortunately trapped in the animal ego. Thus, in this way, the salvific work of the intimate Christ always begins through Her, our Divine Mother.

When we inhale and exhale with the mantram HAM SAH, in that instant we must feel that we are calling to that purification, that it is the purity of the Divine Mother.

Regarding the mantra Ham Sah, an author says that “the continual recitation of a name makes it so that we can invert the order of its syllables: upon reciting hamsa it is as if we were saying sa-ham (so’ham), which in Sanskrit means ‘that (sa) am I (aham)’. The word “that” refers to the transcendental beginning, the Brahman beginning and end of the universe. The word “aham” refers to the immanent soul.”

Therefore, each time that we inhale, HAM SAH, we are saying “Am I” or “I Am”, I am in the Being, the Being is in me. Therefore, to breathe rhythmically is an act of calling to the Being. If we do it consciously, even better. That is why, by transmuting we should feel overcome by the purity of our Divine Mother.

It may seem like what I am saying in this moment are simple, obvious, basic things, but we can be committing the error of working in the purification itself without realizing that purification already potentially exists within each one of us.

In the depths, in the depths, in the depths of each one of us, we are (thank goodness!) inevitably pure; it is just a matter of this opening within us and invading us completely like a sickness. Obviously, this is not about us believing we are pure, and the “I” can perfectly think this. This is about accepting that purity is not found outside, it is within us.

One atom of believing we are pure is enough and then we no longer are pure. To believe oneself to be pure is then an act of pride, vanity, which breaks the purity of the work. It is better to forget this matter of being pure or not pure in order to better work in the death without expecting results, allowing the nature of the practice with the Divine Mother to do her work. We do our part and the Being keeps on doing the rest.

The force and power of a mantra like KRIM or of the mantras “S” or “M” in order to die, is not exactly in its sound, but rather in the acceptance that that sound communicates, transmitting the purity of the Divine Mother from within to the outside. We use the sound in order to establish an interrelation between Her and us, like a conductor cable through which Her electric power circulates.

The mantra KRIM, like every word of power, has an external value and an internal value. The external value is simply the sound pronounced verbally or mentally. While the internal value is more important since it gives the possibility to communicate the purity of the Divine Mother.

That is why we say that a mantra is the wise phonetic combination made with wisdom. That is to say, by using the two aspects of the word; and because of that, it can produce a spiritual and material effect. Therefore, it is not only the mantra KRIM that can kill the ego, it is the mantra accompanied with the yearning for purification, comprehension, and the yearning to die. It is that perfect combination that serves in order to kill the animal ego.

If I chant the mantra KRIM but I am thinking about something else, obviously for that reason, that sound has no effect. This gives us an idea of how exact and mathematic the pronunciation of a mantra should be. Only when we have comprehended this, will we know how to use the power of a mantra in order to change, to molecularly alter the negative energy of an I.

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