Esoteric & Meditation Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the classes run?

Classes are offered multiple days of the week from 7 to approx 8:45 pm. Each class consists of a talk and a guided meditation practice. Practices range from introductory techniques for relaxation, breathing & meditation, to keys that can be applied in daily life. No previous experience is needed.

A weekly course of 33 lessons will follow the public talks, usually continuing on the same night of the week, and will serve as a foundation for the further development of the study of esotericism and the science and ethics of meditation in a more in-depth manner.

The study and practice of Gnosis is limitless.

What kind of commitment is required?

In regards to attending the public introductory course, anyone is welcome to attend one, some or all of the classes being offered in the series. For those who have an ongoing interest in studying at the OKC Gnosis Center, weekly classes will continue and go deeper into the topics that have been introduced. As the classes and practices build on each other, consistent weekly attendance is expected. If at any point in time you decide you no longer want to continue with the classes, you are free to stop with no further obligations.

What does it cost to attend the center?

The Gnostic goal is the happiness of all human beings without distinction. The aim is to share Gnosis with anyone who is interested, regardless of race, sex, religious background, financial situation, etc.

Having no monetary cost set on them, the Gnostic teachings are priceless. This does not imply, however, that the teachings do not have value. Supporting a center monetarily is something that should be done of own’s own free will, and in the spirit of continuing the dharma.

All of the Gnostic centers belonging to our organization found throughout the world are non-profit, and operate solely based on contributions. Gnosis is not a business, and no person involved in the running of a center makes money for his or her services. To run a center is truly a labor of love.

The public classes are offered freely. For those who wish to continue on with the weekly course, donations (sugg. $15/week/per person) are greatly appreciated to cover the costs of running the center. i.e.: rent, utilities, printouts, etc. Some students have greater financial capacities and donate accordingly. Others, with more limited circumstances, may donate less financially, but yearning to help and support, will find other ways to offer their assistance. Financial limitations should never be the cause of someone not attending the center and it’s classes.

Attend The OKC Gnosis Center

OKC Gnosis Center
Musgrave Pennington
Cnr, N Meridian & NW 23rd,
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

(405) 410-3276
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"You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour"

- Zen Saying