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Becoming Conscious of What We Already Know

“We need to study Gnosis deeply. That’s what the books are for; that’s what the lectures are for, etc.; but a simple reading of the works is not enough, brothers, we need to go further… When we try, by means of meditation, to know the intimate sense of that which we have stored in the memory, then such knowledge passes to the superior parts of the intellectual center; and if we try to be even more conscious of the teachings, finally it will happen that said knowledge will definitely be absorbed by the emotional center.”

– Samael Aun Weor

What is it to become conscious of the knowledge? To answer this question we have to ask ourselves, what is knowledge?

Knowledge without the Being is accidental, mechanical, and superficial; it is the result of impressions and sensations that do not have their basis in the consciousness. The lack of conscious- ness of these impressions and sensations do not have that seal of universality and infinity, which is a characteristic of that which is transcendental. That kind of knowledge becomes a weight or an aggregate to the psyche.

Consciousness of the knowledge emerges to the extent that we discover the universal laws within ourselves, and this “within” begins from our physical body itself up to the different psycho- logical manifestations.

Can we know what fear is without comprehending it? Can love be defined with beautiful concepts without comprehending its essence? Do not confuse concept with reality.

Becoming conscious of what we already know is teaching our mind to listen to the intuitive responses of the heart. Let’s keep in mind that the heart is potentially the essence of the answer to any question that can be formulated by reasoning.

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