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About our esoteric mystery school in OKC – Meditation, the yoga of the breath, universal symbology, consciousness, psychology, self-transformation

The OKC Gnosis Centre is a specialized school of esoteric knowledge where students learn the teachings of universal Gnosticism. These consist of meditation, esoteric yoga, consciousness, psychology, self-transformation, esoteric anatomy, the Hebraic Kabbalah, alchemy, sacred sexuality or tantra. Likewise, Kundalini, clairvoyance, psychic powers, dream yoga and astral projection (also known as out of body experiences or lucid dreams). Also included, spiritual initiation, tarot, runes, astrology, Buddhism, the great world religious scriptures, and many other spiritual subjects.

So we study the wisdom of both east and west in a comprehensive, didactic way, unlike many other forms of spirituality that focus on one specific religion alone.

Certainly, at the OKC Gnosis Centre we draw upon a wide body of resources for a very specific spiritual practice: that of radically transforming our consciousness, so as to reunite with divinity and procure the alleviation of suffering for all sentient beings.

Thus Gnosis is a vast and profound science for actualizing deep, lasting internal change. As we seek to demonstrate in our lectures, this knowledge has been present throughout all mystical traditions. We study the nature of the complete human being through a variety of perspectives and subjects. Because each religion compliments, educates, and guides through the rich diversity of inner principles and forms. Through study and practical exercises, one identifies, comprehends, and intuits the universal thread connecting all religions. Which is the experiential wisdom of an awakened consciousness.

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OKC Gnosis Center
Musgrave Pennington
Cnr, N Meridian & NW 23rd,
Oklahoma City, OK 73107

(405) 410-3276
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"You should sit and meditate for 20 minutes a day, unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour"

- Zen Saying